Why is it important? Is it important? Why do we celebrate/remember/whatever over that weekend?

Let me ask you another question – What do would you think if a man told you that he was going to be arrested, convicted by a kangaroo court on trumped up charges, sentenced to death, beaten up very badly, then killed in the most barbaric way and then buried in someone else’s tomb? And then to top it all he told you that three days later he would come back to life? Go on, what would you think?

And, what would you think if all of it happened exactly as he said it would?

That’s Easter, 2000 years ago, 2000 miles away Jesus of Nazareth predicted all that would happen to him and it did. On the first Easter Sunday the tomb was empty and he was alive again.

That changed everything. And if you want to know how and why – then why not visit your local church this Easter Sunday (1st April) – I’m sure the people there will be so pleased to tell you.