Free To Grow

Free To Grow September 1st 2019 Morning Service Free To

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When You Pray... Jesus’ entire life, who he was and what he did, was built


Why Small Groups are Important

It's Good To Talk Small Group, Home Groups, House Groups, Bible Studies etc etc.  whatever you want to call your

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Do we really want to be wise? Dietrich Bonhoeffer, martyred for his Christian faith in WWll wrote this -


The Church

The Church - An Epic Mini Series Starting on the 2nd September with two episodes every

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Baptisms at Colchester Road Watch the stories of people who declared their faith,


People Of Hope

Living Today as a People of Hope... “God’s plan in Jesus is to restore all of creation and to

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Everybody is welcome

It may sound like an obvious question but when you have a guest over, do you offer them a drink

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Children & Family Activities in 2018

Wavemakers Children’s Ministry Whatever age, we believe that the kingdom of God belongs to children. The life, energy and joy

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Youth Activities in 2018

Youth Activities Take a look at what we get up to and if you have any questions please do not

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