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Locking Shields


This is a perfect  opportunity to have a laugh, worship with your mates, play a few games and hear some good talks by Carl and some others. We will be having some food from about 7pm onwards with the main evening starting at 7:30pm.

” I love the idea of trying to get my mate to shove as many pork pies in his mouth as he can, I now can realise that dream!” SH, Ipswich

Carl Beech, CVM President is our guest speaker.  CVM are working hard to equip the church with tools and resources that will make church a great place for you, your mates, sons and friends.  Simple as that.  We don’t want a church dominated by men or male characteristics nor do we want to make church a “men’s club”.  Just a place where men can be gripped and excited by Jesus.

Why Do We Think Men In Church is Important?