Local Community

Every local church has a part to play in their community. We take this seriously by running a weekly parent and toddlers’ group, a weekly lunchtime coffee bar for years 11-13 from Northgate School, a monthly seniors’ lunch – all on our premises. We also run ‘The Table’ every Friday evening on nearby Moffatt Avenue and serve breakfast at ’The Table Café’ at Dumbarton Road Hall two Saturdays every month.

Mission Work

Demonstrating God’s love in practical ways around the world is something we do in partnership with BMS World Mission, VIVA, Tear Fund and others.

BMS World Mission works among some of the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world, aiming to bring life in all its fulness in seven ways through church, development, education, health,  justice, leadership and relief.

See for yourself how it works at

Youth Work

We love the idea of being a family, maybe not just the whole Dad/Mum/brother/sister but a group of people who help you feel that you belong, matter and are accepted.

It’s pretty good isn’t it when you come across that and that is exactly what we want to be at CRBC youth. A group of young people who know what is like to be part of a family. But not just any family but one that that lives on a mission. A mission to know Jesus and to make him known. A family whose end goal is seeing people transformed by encountering Jesus.

That’s what we aim for we make that happen in a number of different ways throughout the week and we would love for you to join us!

Children & Families

Whatever age, we believe that the kingdom of God belongs to children. The life, energy and joy they bring makes waves in our church family and they remind us how to simply love God and trust in him.

‘Wavemakers’ is the name for our children’s ministry. We aim that ‘Children will know, grow in and show God’s love’.

On Sunday we have four different groups for children aged 0-11.

Minnows (a Crèche for 0-3 year olds), Paddlers (for 3-5 year olds), Rafters (for children aged 5-7) and Navigators (for children aged 7-11).